Video Shorts



Grassington to Lower Wood

A short documentary film which continues to nurture my passion for the outdoors whilst continuIng to explore a theme of Habitat. Growing evidence has shown that exposure to these natural environments is directly associated with benefits to our mental health and well being. From the small market town of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales a short walk along the river Wharfe opens up numerous opportunities to witness the many wonderments of nature, the walk culminates at a small wooded area ( Lower Wood ) which is managed by the Woodland Trust.


The Garden

The Garden is a short video that is a work in progress and is being filmed throughout 2022, documenting the daily challenges of an Urban Fox and her cubs as they face the rigours, hardships and benefits of their chosen environment.

Foxes are one of the most recognisable wild animals in Britain. These wily animals are extraordinarily adaptable and as at home in urban and suburban areas as they are in the countryside.

The Fox Project, a UK-based charity dedicated to protecting the red fox, state that in 29 years of work and 15,000 foxes rescued, they are ‘yet to find a starving adult fox’.



Cromwell Bottom 

A short Film made whilst  isolated due to Coronavirus, a global Pandemic.

The Nation has been told to stay at home and protect the National Health Service. March 23rd 2020, restrictions throughout the whole of the United Kingdom has seen exercise outside the home only permitted for one hour each day. This body of work is a record of those exercise opportunities, a necessary distraction from the physical and emotional trauma that constantly challenges your own well being and testament to the pleasure derived from witnessing the continuing wonderment of nature. April 17th 2020, the UK government announce the country is believed to be in the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Much of the footage I am now recording is governed by limited access to areas that are devoid of people. With the death toll rising at an alarming rate and predictions of the number of deaths exceeding 40,000, is clearly having a traumatic impact on my daily life. July 4th 2020, the Government announce the easing of lockdown restrictions across England allowing businesses to reopen and travel restrictions within England to be lifted. Whilst the pandemic is still claiming lives daily, travel to a wider demographic is a welcome distraction from the daily trauma that has been faced over the previous months



As I grow older, I better understand my journeys and the experiences they gave me, how they differ little from many other people. Suzie has always  been the levelling influence in my life and I would never have achieved any of my ambitions without her constant support and encouragement. We still continue to travel at every opportunity and share our lives and our passion for creating both still and moving images.

Gemma remains as enthusiastic about the outdoors as she has ever been and keeps me feeling young by challenging me to the most arduous of bike rides, kayaking adventures and most recently fishing trips in the Lochs of Scotland, I really appreciate the time we spend together on these adventures and its only after the event that I realise “I am starting to feel really old “.

I have most recently returned to taking pictures and making short films for nothing other than the personal satisfaction it gives me and recording my adventures at every opportunity.

Taken from the Long Road home

Trevor Griffiths