Video Shorts


As I grow older, I better understand my journeys and the experiences they gave me and how they differ little from many other people. Suzie has always  been the levelling influence in my life, I would have never achieved any of my ambitions without her constant support and encouragement, we still travel at every opportunity and continue to share our lives and our passion for photography together.

Gemma remains as enthusiastic about the outdoors as she has ever been and keeps me feeling young by challenging me to the most arduous of bike rides, kayaking adventures and most recently fishing trips in the Lochs of Scotland, I really appreciate the time we spend together on these adventures and its only after the event that I realise “I am starting to feel really old “. 

I have most recently returned to taking pictures for nothing other than the personal satisfaction it gives me and recording my adventures at every opportunity.

Taken from the Long Road home


Video Shorts:  taken simply for pleasure and my passion for the Outdoors.























Videographer Gemma Breese