Disappearing Places

Over the past 72 years there have been countless books written and films made that recount the period in our history from 1939 – 1945. Each has their own storyline offering us the opportunity to engage in their content and leaving us with a sense of connectedness. We find we can immerse ourselves as armchair heroes in the bloodiest of conflicts attempting to feel and understand the individual contributions alongside the enormity of the land and sea operations.

Disappearing Places is a body of Photographic work exploring and documenting the remains of UK installations, from airfields to coastal defences, often hastily constructed to service an essential need at the time. This body of works aims to help us better appreciate the extent that the country went to defend against invasion for its land and its people. Some of these sites may be familiar, others kept secret for many years, recently to be discovered or made accessible, with many more now recycled or completely disappeared and replaced by alternative uses.

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