Habitat Volume 2


This second portfolio of images continues to develop a body of work, restricted by the the continuing effects of Covid 19. The Nation has been told to stay at home and protect the National Health Service. March 23rd 2020, restrictions throughout the whole of the United Kingdom has seen exercise outside the home only permitted for one hour each day. This body of work is a record of those exercise opportunities, a necessary distraction from the physical and emotional trauma that constantly challenges your own well being and testament to the pleasure derived from witnessing the continuing wonderment of nature.

April 17th 2020, the UK government announce the country is believed to be in the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many of the pictures I am now taking are governed by limited access to areas that are devoid of people whenever possible. With the death toll rising at an alarming rate and predictions of the number of deaths  exceeding 40,000, is clearly having a  traumatic impact on my daily life.

July 4th 2020, the Government announce the easing of lockdown restrictions across England allowing businesses to reopen and travel restrictions within England to be lifted. Whilst the pandemic is still claiming lives daily, travel to a wider demographic is a welcome distraction from the daily trauma that has been faced over the previous months.

Trevor Griffiths July 2020