Loch Linnhe Scotland

At 31 miles long and about 1.2 miles wide it stretches past Fort William, fed from the North by Loch Eil and continues south as far as the Firth or Lorne, the Loch is fed from the East by Loch Creran and opens up into the Firth of Lorne at its South Western point.
Wildlife in the Loch is in abundance with many seals taking advantage of its small islands throughout its length; also popular are porpoises, Dolphins and many sea birds you could even see Golden Eagles souring above. A great way to take advantage of the scenery is to take a trip from Fort William with Crannog Cruises, the cruise will give you the chance to see Britain’s highest Mountain Ben Nevis from the loch, and will take you to Seal Island to see the Common and Grey Seals. Another good way to see the loch is to simply drive around and pull over at the many parking areas around the Loch.