Habitat Volume One


The following body of work has been edited whilst in isolation, a result of the the worldwide coronavirus  pandemic. This portfolio is not intended as a definitive body of work but simply a stop of point, a pause, that I hope God willing will once again resume at the end of the current crisis.

The pictures where produced as a personal project, intended to explore and better understand the connection that we have between ourselves and the natural environment. An opportunity through nature to explore its ability to enhance both our emotional and physical well-being. Early indicators show a clear pattern emerging, that by engaging in both physical and mental activities in the production of these photos has helped to alleviate my own feelings of social isolation, anxiety, and depression. 

As the pandemic continues to enforce this necessary isolation, I have been given  the opportunity to reflect on the  benefits and knowledge  gained in the production of  this portfolio.

Trevor Griffiths April 2020